Emma Powell is a puppet-maker, paper engineer and visual artist from Bristol, UK. She is passionate about making things and her practice extends from puppets for stage and screen to large collaborative installations and constructing intricate paper forms. Her work has been exhibited in theatres and galleries across the UK.

Emma is fascinated by the technical aspect of her craft. She is constantly finding inspiration for new puppet mechanisms and paper designs in the wealth of collections such as the Science Museum and the British Museum as well as the rich history of automata and horology, and the outrageously beautiful engineering of everyday objects. She enjoys exploring the visual beauty of mathematics and geometry through paper folding and origami, with a particular interest in modular constructions, morphing paper forms and origami tessellation.

Emma has worked on a wide range of projects with a variety of collaborators across the UK, as well facilitating workshops and talks.
She has recently produed work for:
Pickled Image, The Puppet Story (at V&A), Green Ginger, National Youth Theatre, Max Humphries Puppet Workshop, Access Space (Artist in Residence), Rusty Squid, Yorkshire Coast College and the University of the West of England.

Please contact me for a complete CV and portfolio or to discuss upcoming projects. You can also keep up with my current projects by following me on twitter.


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